24 November 2007

Hello, This is My Blog

Hi, I'm Xacur and this is My Blog. I have been blogging for some time and have some idea of what is it, but I have only written in thematic blogs, and only in spanish. This is something new that I want to try. So, this is how I start, the blog is not complete yet, but I'll keep improving it with more widgets and of course with constant posting.

Some things about me: I like comics, movies, anime, manga, metal music, japanese music, blogs, linux, role playing games, trading card games, video games... well its all I can recall for now. Basically I have many geek hobbies, but I like soccer and painting too.

I like using emoticons to better express myself in posts, and I mean this kind of emoticons... Mmmm, what else?, I like to share, it's gonna be recurrent that I upload things like emoticons, wallpapers, comic scans, etc. I like visual, so will be rare if any, a post without images or stream videos.

And for a better introdution I share with you my current desktop

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