27 November 2007

The Stack (Internet Television)

There are many, many things I like about internet, and so many I like about TV. There are some things I hate about internet, but it's a lot of things, annoying things that I really hate about TV.

So internet television is like a dream come true for many of us, there are many shows we can find in the web, mostly about geek stuffs like comic books, Anime, gadgets, even those Magic: The Gathering World Championships and protours that I like so much.

In youtube you can subscribe to someone's channel and receive the new videos as soon as they upload them the next time you enter the site. There are a bunch of this channels I would recommend and will do it in this blog.

This time I want to mention one of the most simple, even great ideas for a show, The Stack, three guys sitting around a small table talking about comic books. And yes, it works as good as it sounds.

The Stack

This show have it's own home page (http://www.pulpsecret.com/) were you can download every episode they have made, or watch them online or subscribe to it's RSS feed and receive the download link for every new show.

They used to make one show a week but now they are making it twice a week, that's cool.

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