18 December 2007

Final Fantasy XIII Extended Trailers


Two new trailer of Final Fantasy XIII have come online and I'm with this pair of master pieces I don't know what else to hope for this game. I'm dying in the waiting of this game.

I have been waiting for FFXIII even before I knew there was a FFXII, by the way I have not played it yet.

Well this is the trailer for the normal version of Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII EXTENDED Trailer

And this one is the extended trailer for the Versus version of the game.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII EXTENDED Trailer

I don't know which one is more impressive the first is more like a FF, I mean it have this feeling of known. But the second one is much more realistic and the movements.. it all is like a movie while you are playing. I have no doubt, FF is the best video game franchise.


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