26 December 2007

New "L: Change the World" Trailer

Lately I've been into Death Note more than ever, and that's because a friend started to watch the anime series and some times we compare about the differences between the Live Action and the Anime versions.

I love the Live Action movies, they are not only two of the best Japanese movies I've ever seen but they are two of the best movies I've ever seen from any country, it's amazing how a movie without a bit of action or horror can have you in suspense these days when you think you have seen everything. And that's why I'm so exited about this new movie about the character L.

L: Change the World is going to be released February 9th 2008.

About a month ago was released a trailer, and now there's a new one, here they are:

L: Change the World (First Trailer)

L: Change the World (Second Trailer)


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