07 January 2008

Autodesk Maya (progress)

This is kinda guest post. This is a translation from a post made by my co-blogger at the Spanish version of this blog, Dante.
He is a 15 years old student who loves animation and has started his way to be a professional in this area. Have great skill with Autodesk Maya for a kid his age, in my opinion.


Has been some time since I write about Autodesk Maya, but it's because I haven't had much time to work in it, I just finished today with ship I started so much time ago, and telling the true I still have lots of things to do, because I'm thinking in this as a big project, but I just don't have enough time.

Well, now here I post some progress I have done in several months. It's not much but I hope you like it.

nave 2 con luse sin textura

This is one of the first images when I was in the beginning of this project. It didn't have many things it was just an idea.

va quedando mejor XD

Now here this one have details but not texture.


Then I had a clearer and larger vision. This was one of the best images I had for a long time.


I tried a lot of textures and finally today in the morning I made this one, it was much better but lacked enough realism. So I ask for a little help to a friend and he made this:


Although maybe you can't notice well, no doubt it looks much better, at least for me, the effect of the water and the moon, he made it so well, but it still needs too much.

Later I'll post more progress and I'll write some tutorials of how to do some little things. If you want something specific just leave a comment. I'll try to answer.


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