09 January 2008

Crimson Viper - New character for Street Fighter IV


Well, it was obvious but I haven't thought about it.

New characters for a new Street Fighter title, and this, Crimson Viper seems to be the first of them. The name is just the translation from the Japanese name so it could change in the English version (hopefully, because it's hideous).

The picture above is from the magazine Famitsu, which have the news and an article about the gameplay.

Down below I leave a bigger image of the character.


Is there little bit of Vanessa in this or it's just me? (obviously it's not only me). I don't like Vanessa and this character is something worst, And what the heck is that in her face? Glasses? or a mask.

Lets see it closer:


Mmmm.. it looks like nothing but I think they are glasses. I hate the hair... but that necktie... kind of cool there, lol.


Source: spong.

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