15 February 2008

Batman Gotham Knight - Promotional Video

Since some time ago there was a rumor about this project, It's an Animatrix version of Batman, a project of six short animated films of American - Japanese production.

The story of those movies will be set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Here is a promotional video.

Batman: Gotham Knight

This project really looks amazingly promising, and I mean it. The story and plan have been done by American writers what can assure that the plot will be like the Batman the fans love. While the animation will be made by three of the best animation studios in Japan: Madhouse (Vampire Hunter, X, Memories), Studio 4ºC (Animatrix, Memories) and Production I.G. (Ghost Hound, Real Drive).

Beyond - Animatrix by Studio 4ºC

But the best part is the direction, first, will be directed by Bruce Timm, the director of Batman Animated, the series that everybody likes and the perfect Animated Batman never beaten so far (at least IMO). But if all this is not enough for you well the other director will be Satshi Kon! the director of Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress and Paprika.

Perfect Blue by Madhouse studio and Satshi Kon.

I'm not a big fan of Batman, but I can easily see this project being one of my favorites ever.

from: twitchfilm

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