06 February 2008

C-ute - LALALA Shiawase no Uta (PV)


ºC-ute new single releases February 27, it's the fourth official single of this group. The promotional video (PV) was released yesterday. It's kinda cute, but I didn't like the dancing and the dresses.

Here's the PV:

C-ute - LALALA Shiawase no Uta (PV)

I really hope there will be another version of this PV because I didn't like this one so much.

k1xx4 k5az1

Here's the Tracklist for this single.

  1. LALALA 幸せの歌 (LALALA Shiawase no Uta)
  2. 最高級のエンジョイGIRLS (Saikoukyuu no Enjoy GIRLS)
  3. LALALA 幸せの歌 (Instrumental) (LALALA Shiawase no Uta (Instrumental))

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