24 February 2008

Coraline - Trailer

Coraline is a novella by Neil Gaiman, it have a great but bizarre story, in wiki there's the next description.

Coraline is a young, bored girl who discovers that a bricked-up wall behind a door in her flat leads to another world, with another mother, and another father. When she tries to go back, she realizes that her other mother has kidnapped her real parents and she must fight to get them back.


This novella that have been awarded with the Hugo Award for Best Novella, Nebula Award for best Novella and Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers, will be adapted to an animated version in stop motion for the next year. The movie looks great and it will be 3D, no CG but the 3D of those 3D glasses.

Here's the trailer of the movie.

Coraline - Trailer

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