04 February 2008

Kina Grannis @ Superbowl


More than a month ago (I don't remember how much time exactly) , I saw the video that made Kina Grannis famous in Internet. That video about DIGG that became viral very soon. I even subscribed to her videos in YouTube.


She was participating in a contest ran by Doritos, she could win the chance to get a music video aired during Superbowl. She uploaded videos regularly in YouTube and ask for votes in myspace and during two weeks people voted her and she made into the three finalists.

Then came three more weeks of vote. The winner would be aired in the half time of the Superbowl.

Yesterday was the Superbowl and I don't know who won the American football tournament I do know Kina Grannis won, and her video was aired in a Doritos commercial.

Doritos-iphone commerial super bowl 2008

Since the first time I listen to that Digg song I've liked her music, I hope she will become famous someday (I mean in the non-Internet world)

By the way, this is that Digg Song.

Gotta Digg - Kina Grannis


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