25 February 2008

Michishige Sayumi Pictures Gallery


Some few official pictures of Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi.


Sayumi-Michishige_007 Sayumi-Michishige_008

Sayumi-Michishige_009 Sayumi-Michishige_010


Sayumi-Michishige_015 Sayumi-Michishige_016

Sayumi-Michishige_017 Sayumi-Michishige_018

Sayumi-Michishige_019 Sayumi-Michishige_020

I'll be sharing some pictures from my collection of official pictures of some Morning Musume members, and some Veoh and YouTube videos as well, the ones that I like. I wanted Sayumi to be the first of them because lately she has been an obsession, since I saw this video of her:

Sayumi Michishige - Senkou Hanabi

I can't stop watching this video (^^U), I like it and I like it more everyday. Maybe she is not the best singer in Hello! Project but sure she have charisma, and her voice is pleasant to listen.

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