04 February 2008

PS3 Slim and Lite Rumor

Since some days ago have been a rumor about two new possible versions of Playstation 3, one Slim, and another one Lite. One of the main reasons the the costumers don't see the Playstation 3 so attractive is the cost, it's the most expensive of the three consoles of new generation, but another reason is that PS3 is the biggest of them too. In fact I think it's the biggest home console ever, or at last among those I remember right now.

ps3 slim & lite

Being this rumor true, I think that sales for Europe and Asia could rise for the PS3, and maybe if the normal version becomes cheaper we could buy one after one year of hard work and austerity here in the third world (lol).

They say it will be released in fall this year, but I think it's a bit soon for something that is just a rumor right now, and video games industry are not known for fast releases. But if it's true, and it comes in fall this year, people who bough one this Christmas will not be super happy for the news.

source: gizmodo.

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