08 March 2008

Maki Goto signs with Avex (OMG! Necessary)

Some time after Maki Goto terminated any work relation with Hello! Project and her manager agency Hello! Project, she is signing a new contract with the monster talent agency Avex (Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki). I've read this at SleepyJohn where there's information about her new work too.


This shouldn't surprise us (but I'm surprised, or maybe just happy) because if Maki leaved Hello! Project, and that's something she was thinking about since some months ago, it's because she was not happy with the way UFA managed her career and with what she was became in Hello! Project, she was obviously not the main focus anymore.

Logic is to think that is she finally decided to leave is because she got something better, and maybe, much, much better.

The first Single of her new career will be under the sub-label of Avex named "Rhythm Zone". This single will be entitled Necessary (I'd call it oh! so Necessary) and will be released on May 7.

I hope this new single and the rest of her career will be so successful as we know Maki Goto has been.

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