17 March 2008

My CornerStone Trio

My CornerStone Trio is Anna's personal blog. She talk to us about different personal topics as well as general interest, Internet and sometimes, how to make money online.


This is a really pleasant to read blog. The writing style which is very calm and calm, and the language very friendly and sincere keep your interest until the end of the post, I really spent much time reading this blog before making this review and there are a lot of interesting content there.

I really prefer this kind of blogs over those that are aggressive and pretentious even when I know those have a lot of fans.


Right now, My CornerStone Trio have a good promotion foe Entrecard users, yo can buy an advertise in it's Entrecard spot for only half the real ec cost. But this is better explained in the post 1/2 Price Adverts. This is great promotion because this spot is expensive and this mean you save a lot too, My CornerStone Trio is very popular in it's category being "Personal Diary" the largest category in Entrecard.


One post that caught my attention was Life Insurance, it's an example of how she can make you think with her personal reflections.

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