01 March 2008

New Anime for March

Well it's the first day of the month so we'll start this with a list of the anime to be released in March.

Bus Gamer


There will be 6 episodes of this animated version of the One-Shot Manga by Kasuya Minekura, about some boys who enter the Bus Game to win some money.

St. Seiya The Hades Chapter-Elysion


Continuing with Anime based in the world famous Manga by Masami Kurumada this month will arrive St. Seiya The Hades Chapter-Elysion one of my most expected.

Koharu Biyori (OAV)


The third part of this Anime about a Girl Maid Robot (one of the few).

Ikuze! Gen-san


24 of these 9 minutes episodes anime, based in the Hammer Boy Hero from the video games.

Chi's Sweet Home


The story of this little cat and the family who adopt him will be premiered in TV this month.

Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (OAV)


And last and the most expected by me, the blood full, erotic and bizarre story of Mnemosyne no Musume.

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