31 March 2008

A Singaporean in London

I haven't seen many blogs about England before, in fact this is the first I know.


A Singaporean in London is about exactly this, a Singaporean who lives in London and write about this place and other places in England, but with the help of great pictures.

Those pictures are the thing that I liked the most about the blog, for example this Colchester Castle, is great.


Personally that's the way I like to travel (^_^U I'm too lazy) by Internet. And thanks to blogs like this one we can know places that, maybe we will never be at.

The blog is updated very often, and regularly, what in my opinion is very important, and many times with this kind of pictures.

One post that captured my attention was the one about the trip to Edinburgh, Wow, that castle really impressed me in these pictures, I don't know what would be like being there.



I'd like to post some more images but rather I'll recommend you to visit A Singaporean in London.

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