16 March 2008


Webomatik is a blog about many interesting things which have entered Entrecard few days ago, and already know how to get the best of it.

You can earn Entrecard Credits from this site for just making a review, subscribing to it's RSS feed and favorite it at Technorati. For more information he have made this post (Free Entrecard Credits), and you know, Entrecard credits is what we all want to boost our blog's visits.


Aside of the good deal of EC's the blog have good, interesting content that varies from Internet topics to literature and web utilities.


The blog is hosted at Blogger (like this one) one of the most popular blog systems in the web and have many themes about this blogs. For example this post named Chat Widget for Blogger, about a new widget for this platform that I didn't know. It's a blog Chat that enables visitors chat with the owner of the site.


There's no daily updates in this blog and it's something I would like in a good content site, but lately it has been updated more frequently, almost every other day, that's good. I think it's the kind of blogs you want to have in your RSS feeds reader.

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