27 December 2007

Coca-Cola animation CM's

This is kinda guest post. This is a translation from a post made by my co-blogger at the Spanish version of this blog, Dante. He is a 15 years old student who loves animation and has started his way to be a professional in this area, have great skill with Autodesk Maya for a kid his age, in my opinion.


I saw this Coca-Cola commercial yesterday in TV, it last several minutes and I thought it's great, so I decided to search it in youtube and post it here.

Coca-cola have always been one of the bests when it comes to promotional, commercials and those things, specially in it's animation commercials, I remember when I first saw the Final Fantasy IX Japanese commercial, that was amazing, really amazing. But in America it's CM's of those cute polar bears are a hit. In particular I like polar and panda bears.

This video is part of a series of CM's called "Happiness Factory ", the concept is a "factory" inside a Coca-Cola vending machine, the concept is cool and the animation, well, as always amazing:

Happiness Factory

While I was searching for this video I found this one too, so I post it here. It's a GTA parody.

GTA like CM

I hope you are not thinking this is a paid post, I would like but not.


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