29 December 2007

Black Tide

This is kinda guest post. This is a translation from a post made by my co-blogger at the Spanish version of this blog, Dante. He is a 15 years old student who loves animation and has started his way to be a professional in this area. Have great skill with Autodesk Maya for a kid his age, in my opinion.

Black tide

mainToday I received an e-mail from a Metal Music Store in my town and I found there various Metal Bands, in fact I didn't like all of them but this one I think sounds really good and I was surprised after reading the band's profile.

Here is it:

"They are from Miami, Florida and are integrated by:

- Gabriel García (vocal, guitar) 14 years old

- Alex Nuñez (guitar) 17 years old

- Zachary Sandler (bass) 18 years old and,

- Steven Spence (drums) 19 years old,

The band promises a lot" Is what the mail had written so I went to the "my space" of the band and listened the song there it sounded cool.

I post the song here, the name is Shockwave the band is Black Tide.

Black Tide - Shockwave

I leave these links to get more information about this band:

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Hopeful Spirit said...

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Hope you will participate!

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Xacur said...

Can't access to your site.