22 December 2007

Finally! My Entrecard at John Chow's Blog

When I signed at Entrecard I did it because I read about it in John Chow's Blog and he wrote: "How To Get a Free Ad on John Chow dot Com" after some time in Entrecard I realized that getting your card at johnchow.com could be really hard, but finally some days ago I saw his spot not full and I took the opportunity.


Now, my Entrecard is in that blog and I'm happy because of this. I wonder how many clicks can I get from there, the blog that provided me with the most clicks until now is Latest Free Downloads from iTunes, (40). johnchow.com is the third most recommended so it most be good.

My popularity in Entrecard has been declining, from being the top 4 to now being the top 14, so this mean, stopping dropping card affected this status 3 days later. Now I want to know if I can recover.

I made this design for a Jpop blog that I started some days ago, and I really like it so now I'm using it in this blog and with this change I changed my Entrecard too.

My new Entrecard:

from: 1389 to: mi-entrecard

Man, when I say change I really mean it.


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7 comentarios:

Shanker Bakshi said...

I join EnterCard today only and now am in queue for exactly the same you did for your blog. A free 125x125 ad at JCDC

Flaming Lacer said...

Everyone wants a spot on the 'big blogs' but in my experience so far the better value for money in terms of clicks through to your own blog are those at around the 80 - 90 credit mark. They are a bit too expensive for newcomers so you get more choice from that end, and they are more available than the JohnChow's and Probloggers.

You get a far better rate of return at that level IMHO.

Nick said...

Do you have a crush on John? I've seen quite a few posts about John here... What about Nick? He's a nice guy too...

Click for Nick

Xacur said...

@Shanker Bakshi: Lucky you.
@Flaming Lacer: You are right, in fact jcdc is not giving me so much clicks as I expected, as for now.
@Nick: hehe, he is the only big blogger I know, I'm new in this thing but I'll check your page, thanks.

Sam Freedom said...

@nick - just classic "mention a big name enough times to feel like you're in the same loop"... so yea, maybe he admires john chow, or maybe he is jealous, either way, its chow chow chow chow chow...

Xacur said...

man! I mention him twice in this blog!
The same number of comment you have made here to offend me. I don't even know what I did to you.

Aizat said...

yeah.. maybe you should see your entrecard on mu blog now..