12 December 2007

Ghostsbusters in a Video Game


What a surprise was that for me, the Ghostsbusters are back in a video game, and it's for all consoles. As you can see in the pictures the design for this game will be based in the movie's characters instead of the animated series. I loved more the animated series than the movies but I think it's personal tastes only.

Have been many of this comeback for old franchises but this one, I think, is one of the most important, the game must be as good as we expect it to be.


Starting with the pictures it seems good, and these are not the final art, the game wont be released until fall 2008.

I hope for those times I already have a PS3, because I don't want to miss this game, if it's good.

Here is a video of some show where some guys talk about the game and there are some game play exhibition.

Ghostsbusters Gameplay Demo




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