13 December 2007

My First Week (and three days) in Entrecard

It's been 10 days since I joined Entrecard and a little more since I start running this blog, but thinking that this I thought I was never writing here again and my traffic was 0 at that time, I can say my blog have 10 days too. And this is how it has been.

Since that time this blog have been testing what Entrecard can do for a brand new blog, and with effort this is what I have achieved.

First of all, 16 reader. I have two other blogs, with more than 6 months running, with more than a thousand unique visits a day and about 3000 hits per day, but this blogs have less than 10 readers. As I have said before, traffic granted by Entrecard consist of bloggers mainly, and blogger are good readers.

Second, I have reached the top 15 most popular blog in Entrecard. This doesn't help me at all, but it looks nice.


What? John Chow is not the most popular anymore?

Third, and I think the most important, I have learned a lot about blogging, even when I haven't implement all I have learned, I have been reading a lot from professional and successful  blogger around the net.

As many of you that are in this system I enter because I read it in JohnChow.com but the hopes of having free advertising in his blog, like he said, I see them very far, I have all the EC's in the world to spend for his Entrecard spot but his spot is always full, like most of the most recommended list.


Everyone like statistics and numbers and graphics, so I put mine here.

Wow, see the amount of cards I drop everyday? I spend too much in printers, and have too much free time.

And finally I'd like to show some of the good sites I have found in Entrecard.

Blogger Templates


It's always good to know a nice site where you can grab some good templates for your blog and change it every once in a while. And I have seen very good designs in this blog, I think I'm going to change my blog's template soon, but as I always custom it myself maybe it will take some time.

Profit Juice


Here I found some videos of a very interesting seminar, I have watched some of them and they are very educational, they are about business.

Everything Everywhere


This guy leave his home nine months ago and have been a homeless traveling all around the world. He have been in many countries where he take some photos and write about his travel.

The site have a really cool design.

I have found lots of other good blogs but the post is getting really big, so I'll write about them later.

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