26 December 2007

Machine Girl (Kataude mashin gâru)

Just seeing the poster and I want to watch the movie, now I've watched the trailer and I'm desperate.


The movie is about a normal girl whose parents and boyfriend are killed by Yakuzas, and her left arm is taken away.

She decides to take a payback using her new replacement for her arm, a machine that is added to her stump (very nasty).

The trailer has gore scenes so I wont stream it here but I leave the link with the advertence that it contains gore, excessive blood, violence, mutilation, cannibalism and all that stuffs that may be disgusting unless you like them, here is the trailer: Machine Girl.

Some movie's screencaps.







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4 comentarios:

Thomas said...

Ooh, cool. I can't wait until it comes to Tsutaya.

xiao^fei said...

The trailer is on Youtube and it looks absolutely hilarious ... trash factor 100 >_< I've got to see this movie!

New Trendy said...

is this available for download (torrent) i'm interested in this story

Xacur said...

the movie will be released in 2008, maybe in august.