27 December 2007

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li

Kristin Kreuk-001

It's a log time to wait yet but this is more than a rumor now.

In 2009 there will be a movie about the popular character from the  super hit video game Street Fighter, Chun Li.

The Director of the movie will be Andrzej Bartkowiak (Doom) and the writer Justin Marks.

The most interesting part for most of us is that the staring will be by Kristin Kreyk (Smallville) and that make it something to wait for.

Kristin Kreuk-002 Kristin Kreuk-003

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2 comentarios:

krrey_boo17 said...

Awesome can't wait to see this movie! Especially 'coz Kristin Kreuk (not Kreyk ^_^), is the lead star and she's one of my biggest crushes. I hope she really gets the lead role. Can't wait to see her kicking some a-s-s!

Xacur said...

ups, sorry for the type error.