07 December 2007

Welcome to Eltingville


Some time ago I watched this pilot episode in cartoon network, and I hoped to see the series someday but it seems like its never happening.

The show is about four guys that have a club, the "Eltingville comic book, science fiction, horror, fantasy and role playing club", I would like to part of it.

Here is this pilot episode.

Welcome to the Eltingville Club

That Josh guy reminds me of a friend of mine, I swear, and the ending song rules, but what is really amazing is the trivia contest.

I see this show like an American counterpart of Genshiken, an anime about an Anime, manga and video games club.


Here's the whole series.

Genshiken episode 01

There's a world of differences between this two animation. I like comic books, but not as much as I like manga and anime, I like video games, but not as much as I like role playing games, so I feel I'm part of both.

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