09 December 2007

My Experience in Entrecard so far


I'm kind of amazed for the way Entrecard is working in my site, so I share my little experience with the system (and maybe I can win a free advertise in Entrecard's blog ^^U).

In Entrecard each advertising card space start costing 2ec (Entrecard credits), but advertising in your blog rapidly rise it's cost by receiving cards that other Entrecard users leave when visiting your site. This is the best part, all the traffic you receive from the Entrecard web page are bloggers. We all know blogger are good readers too, if they like your page they will become frequent readers and in many cases they'll become feed readers.

That's why I think at the end this site will end doing better than my Spanish blogs.

Entrecard have four useful graphic statistics, these are mine:

Card Drops:

This shows the number of cards you receive in your advertise space from other Entrecard users. If this rate is high your advertise cost will rise, maybe my rate is too high because my advertise cost have raised too much this few days, and I don't receive advertise offers now. My advertise cost is 71ec, that's much for my site (maybe it's a bad Idea to write this, but I'm too sincere ^^). I'd wish I could sell my advertise space cheaper, for now.

As you can see, the very first day I received 26 card drops, and this was only some hours in the night.


Advert Click:

This is the most important, this shows the number of clicks made from the advertises you buy and place in others spaces, if this number is big it means it's working for you, mine is not, but it's because I have not managed to buy advertising in the best blogs, first they were very expensive to buy, and now they are all sold out. It's just matter of keep trying, it's the amusing part of the system.


Organic Click

card-002I receive more Organic Clicks than click from advertising. Well, this mean almost all my readers are bloggers. The more clicks you have here the more attractive your card is for other members, well, mine is not that hot. This number changes from day to day in an arbitrary way, I don't know why is that, maybe one day the hobbies category shows at first too much and the next day it doesn't, but I don't think so.


Your Drops

This shows how active you are, how many times you leave your card in other's blog. I think I'm very active, I drop too much cards a day. This part of the system is amusing too. I have added about 10 new feeds to my reader since I started dropping cards, there's a lot of interesting blogs out there.


In weekend I'm more active because I have all day to sit and read, visit blogs, make blog posts and check all my RSS feeds that I have not read.

Problems I see in Entrecard

  • The first and most important to me is the cost of the advertising is not based in the daily impressions of the widget, so when you buy a space you don't receive always what you pay. I think the price of the ad spots get more expensive with time, and I'm not sure but if it does it's really bad.
  • You need to work too much to have better places to advertise (make a good card, look for better sites to advertise in, and drop your card) and still it's not sure that your ad-spot is going to be accepted.
  • New user get their spot full really soon, that gives to them too few ec to use later.

Strong point I see in Entrecard

  • The obvious one: you have the chance to one day if you work hard and Lady Luck looks at you, you can have your card displayed for one day in blogs like JohnChow.com, Internet Dreamer, John Cow or Pro Blogger!
  • You get many bloggers visit your site, and so many RSS feed readers and many recurrent readers.
  • You visit many good blogs while dropping cards.
  • The most important: it really works, I mean you get traffic to your site, that's what it's made for.

I have to do this

I can't help but comparing this Entrecard system with Blogrush, and Entrecard is much more effective.

In the first weeks of Blogrush I entered my Spanish blog that have about 1,300 unique visits and 2,800 hits a day and I received... about 0 visits from Blogrush, if I run Blogrush in my site now is because this blog have not many widgets and I don't have to move a finger to use Blogrush (that's what they promised).

I wonder how are other's doing with their Entrecard, so I'm going to visit other's reviews of Entrecard at the contest.

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