04 January 2008

Rambo 4 Trailer


Jebus saves us this year, Stallon is back. Well, I guess there must be a lot of fans out there, and even I am going to see this movie just to see how does Stallone makes his comeback as Rambo, if Schwarzenegger did it why not Stallone, well not comparison between Terminator and Rambo but...

What I hope after watching the trailer is that blood is not all the blood in the movie, like sometimes happens with trailers.

Rambo 4 - Trailer 2008

The trailer is not bad at all. Some screenshots and the poster:




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4 comentarios:

David Rader II said...

Awesome!! There totally should be a RAMBO VS TERMINATOR VS ALIEN VS PREDATOR!!!! !!! ALL OUT MASSACRE !!! Wow, talk about the best 6 hour long action movie ever?!?! OH YEAH!!!!

Xacur said...

Definitively there should be!
With some matrix effects lol

Franx said...

Rambo will coming wow I don't know about this I think your blog is very informative and up to date thanks

Xacur said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like my blog.