02 January 2008

Entrecard vs Sayumi Michishige

Since 2 weeks ago I started to run a new blog about Jpop. This blog have the same template than this one with other color combination.

But this blog - Jpop Blog -  is in Spanish so I can't put an Entrecard there.

However, for making some visits I decided to place links, very visual link, in my other 2 blogs (yes I have 4 now), those other two blogs have some months running and have traffic of - calabozodelandroide- 1600 unique visits a day (4000hits) and - TechnOtaku - 900 unique visits a day(2000hits). They both are in Spanish so the links drive the same language readers.


These are the banners I pasted in my blogs. I pasted two in each of my two blogs:


Sayumi Michishige from Morning Musume 

A bit too much? :) Well I wanted to get traffic and since it didn't affect my other blogs traffic (because it keeps growing) I think it's ok.

So, I obviously wanted to compare the traffic made by these two ways of generate traffic. So here's the result in the last 2 weeks.

Jpop Blog:

From Calabozo del Androide: 236 visits

From TechnOtaku: 285 visits

My Blog:

From Entrecard page: 993

From My Entrecard: 965

Wow this is too much, well it's true that the last two weeks of the year were really wrong in my sites, and things are changing now in January. Today my sites had (calabozodelandroide)  2000 and (TechnOtaku) 1000 visits so the traffic today was this:

Jpop Blog:

From Calabozo del Androide: 33 visits

From TechnOtaku: 41 visits

My Blog:

From Entrecard page: 43

From my Entrecard: 47

Well it's still more from Entrecard.

There is more than that.

Good points and bad point of each:

Myblogs pros- In my blogs I don't have to do anything to drive traffic to my new site, I just pasted the images and keep writing as always.

Entrecard cons- In Entrecard I have to work a lot to be one of the most popular and then have lots of visits.

Entrecard pros- It's amusing the work you have to do to become a popular member of Entrecard, you know new blogs and read a lot.

Myblogs cons- I use spots I could use for money making ads... if I'd do that, because I haven't find any good ads system, and Google ads sucks in my Spanish pages.

Who the heck is going to click that?

google ad

That's why I earn $1.20 with my 1700 unique visits a day.

Now I wonder, how much would cost those ads in my sites?

And then, how much would cost Entrecard Advertising? No doubt it's a great system they make, and it's free (and I hope it continues like this).

I really don't know because I'm a noob in all this but I want to realize so I will check pages and then I'll write another post, to write how well is going each blog in Google, now they both are bad but I think it's because they are new.

I want to know this because I want to sell ads in this site in the future when I have more traffic.  I wait for that day to come, lol.

By the way, haven't you joined Entrecard? Well, what are you waiting for? It's cool, and it works. Go now to http://entrecard.com/ and register your blog it drives you traffic instantly.


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