13 February 2008

Buono! Café Buono - Previews


Today in Hello! Online someone upload these new previews of two songs from the first album of Buono!, Café Buono!, the songs are Café Buono! and Last Forever. This album will be released February 20 (and this is the third release for that day).

Here are the those previews in pseudo-videos of YouTube.

Buono! - Café Buono! (preview)

Buono! - Last Forever (preview)

I like this last song the most. It's a bit slower than the rest of the songs I've heard from the group.

With all these preview and all this waiting I think this first album of Buono! will be a great success. And I hope I'm right, because if a group can really make it right now in Hello! Project it's Buono!

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