14 February 2008

My Entrecard comeback


Finally I have the time to write about Entrecard. My comeback to Entrecard was not as successful as I expected, I used to be one of the most popular members always in the top ten but now it's not as easy as before. Now there are a lot of blogs registered and many of them drop 300 cards per day.

Now I'm trying hard to get in the top 3 of my category, but even just that is hard. When I leave Entrecard having a spot costing 100ec will make you in the top 30 most popular, now mine cost 214 and I'm not close to the top 3 of my category.

But one thing have not change, I spent hours reading blogs that I haven seen before, some very interesting, others not so interesting, some really well designed and others with a default blogger template.

Now I have one week exactly in Entrecard, and my daily visits counts have increased from 146 unique visits last Wednesday to 388 unique visits yesterday. That haven't changed either. My Alexa rank have come from 50,970 to 42,727. But my reader are not as good as my visits, I only have 25, and before this week I had 28 (edit: I have 27 now). My readers level have always been very low (by the way if you want to subscribe go here).

Today I've had 748 hits!!!

I know these numbers are not too much because I other sites that make much more than that and those are not in Entrecard (because they are in Spanish) but this blog is relatively new compared with the others and I almost didn't write until one week before.

One week ago if I asked Joan Joyce how his advertising was in that day, he answered me that he received 4 drops... it was quite too few compared with what I used to give before I leave Entrecard. But I have just asked Samuel Nova the same for his advertising yesterday and he told me he received 204 drops!

I still can't believe an advertising for one single day can give you so many visits, I mean, how much would it cost is it was not an Entrecard?

And one more thing that I like of writing here again is that I started to write about Jpop.


These girls are the best of the best.

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