22 February 2008

Entrecard (Starting to get on my nerves?)


Well yes, I get mad easily and kick my PC when a page don't load when I want it to. And Entrecard don't stop failing to load everyday not once but several times, and not only that, when I want to drop a card the widget don't show up and I have to refresh it. When I want to buy an advertise It just freeze and don't do anything... and many other things that don't have anything to do with the page like bad links by in the widgets (by the users) pages that haven't been updated in eras or that don't have anything at all (I'm one of those who like to read other's blogs while dropping cards, yes, we exist), hundreds and thousands of annoying things.

But, and this is a big but (hey, it sounds funny ^_^ ), today this annoying page drove 228 visits to this blog, and I think it can be worth the pain.

These are my statistic so far in Entrecard.

Cards dropped in my widget.


The radical change, after that I become one of the top 3 most popular in my category. I'm still waiting for the persons I asked before about the numbers of visit they received from my site, I hope it will be better. Today this number is 188 and it's the most dropped day.

Advert Clicks


When I had EC enough to advertise at the popular sites I started spending big amounts and it worked very well, then Entrecard's page started to playing games with me and sometimes I can't buy advertising in some sites because the page fails. Today the number is 85, but the most clicked day was 270.

Organic clicks


When my card became one of the top 3 most popular hobbies sites the clicks from Entrecard page increased obviously. Today the number is 143, and it's the best too.

I Take dropping Very Very Seriously


Or at least it's what my drop rank says. Some days Entrecard don't let me to drop 300 timer, and sometimes I drop more than that, now you can never now. Today the number is 306, but the most vicious day it was 390.

Changes since the last week

My Alexa Rank was then 42,727, and now it's 39,594. My readers increased from 27 to 32 (I know this is ridiculous). I reached the 10,000 unique visits this week, I'm happy for this but I still feel it's a bit slow, and daily visits are almost the same as the past week.

Ah, and one last thing changed, my Entrecard.


She's Matsuura Aya, one of the most lovely things on the world.

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