04 February 2008

I Entered my First Entrecard contest

I enter my first Entrecard Credits contest and I think it's the best I have seen so far, because every person who enters win.


The contest is run by Kanak Bhandari, from tecfre.com, and the prizes are:

  • 1st prize winner : Takes away 1000 credits
  • 2nd prize winner : Takes 700 credits.
  • 3rd prize winner : Takes 300 credits.

You can get entries in 5 different ways:

  • 1 entry for leaving a comment on that contest post (there).
  • 4 entries for subscribing to tecfre feed by email.
  • 5 entries for writing a recommendation for tecfre at Entrecard
  • 5 entries for blogging about this contest.
  • 5 entries for putting the following 125X125 image in your sidebar till the contest is over.


    The cool part is that every one who enters receive Entrecard Credits, there will be 1000ec to distribute among those who don't get the first three sites.

    So now that you know you can enter too, it's easy.

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