07 February 2008

Resonant Blue - Morning Musume (New Single)


We have now the name for the new single of Morning Musume, this is "Resonant Blue" (リゾナント ブルー). The most anticipated releases of Hello! Project are always the new singles of the main group, in part because it's the most popular, in part because they reveal the news months before the release. This single was announced in the first days on January and was scheduled for May 5, but then they postponed to April 16.


Resonant blue sure sounds cool, I really hope this will have a good PV like Mikan or better, but what I wish the most is it to be a good song, a really good one. I'm of the thinking that musical bands, even pop band or even Idols can success only if they have good songs. Good songs are more important than gossips about the members, their ages, their nationality, and sure more important than a sad weekly 20 minutes show.

Then, it's just about to keep waiting, I think the next thing we will have notice is the single's covers or maybe a radio rip preview (hopefully a good one).

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