07 February 2008

Interview with Ken'ichi Matsuyama @ Yahoo! JP

There's only two days left to the release of the new Live Action Movie based in Death Note Manga, L: Change the World. And Yahoo! JP have published an interview with the actor that plays the role of L, Ken'ichi Matsuyama. Ken'ichi have become an Idol thanks to his interpretation of this character, the favorite of Death Note's fans.


I don't understand Japanese so I don't know what this interview is about, but obviously it's something related to the movie. So I leave this link for anyone who can read Japanese (yahoo.co.jp/).

Ken'ichi-Matsuyama_002 Ken'ichi-Matsuyama_003

Ken'ichi-Matsuyama_004 Ken'ichi-Matsuyama_005

This third movie of Death Note will be released this Saturday, February 9.

And even though the interview in that page has the date of today, I found this video in YouTube that was uploaded since January 18.


I think this is the same interview, unless he don't change cloths for different interviews.

Link: Yahoo!JP.

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