07 March 2008

Buono! 3rd Single

There's a lot of releases from H!P Kids lately.

buono new single

Buono! will release another single as soon as May 14. The single is still untitled and will be for the same anime, Shugo Chara.


I like every song they have released in singles, in the album there are some songs that I don't love that much but, it's ok. There's a song that I'm hoping they make a single and have a PV, it's Last Forever.

The official announcement in Buono!'s web page is this:

Buono! 3rdシングル発売決定!
テレビ東京系アニメshugochara オープニングテーマ/エンディングテーマ(4月~OA)
【初回限定盤】CD+DVD PCCA.02672 ¥1,575(税込) 【通常盤】CD PCCA.70215 ¥1,050(税込)

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