06 March 2008

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue (Preview)

This is the preview of the new Single of Morning Musume, it will be released on April 16. The name of the song (and the single) is Resonant Blue.


The song was presented in FIVE STARS, Reina Tanaka's Radio Show. This is the streaming in a pseudo-video, from YouTube.

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue (Radio Rip)

If you want to download this radio rip, this is the link.

The next is the Tracklist for this single.


  1. リゾナント ブルー (Resonant Blue)
  2. その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん! (Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenaijan!)
  3. リゾナント ブルー(Resonant Blue (Instrumental))

There's still no cover for the disks.

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