16 March 2008

Dot Com Mogul

To have one blog among the top 10 most popular Entrecarders is way hard to do but to have 2 blogs in the top 30 most popular list of Entrecard is something I thought was impossible, but I was wrong.

Suzanne from EZ Money Online have the Dot Com Mogul situated at the top spot of the most successful social net for blogger. She sure knows what she's doing. Not only that both blogs have more than 400 readers.


Dot Com Mogul is a bit more casual I think, It's about how to have a good blog with good content, and how not to piss people off with an avalanche of disgusting advertising.


Another good point I see in this blog is the analysis about that SEO thing. In a serious article named Bend over and take it from Google the Dot Com Mogul tell us how Google interferes in the work of a blogger by penalizing pages with private advertisement that with the excuse of maintaining a good level of relevance.


Of course with the necessary good humor as always.

Visit this blog if you can, because you can take some useful tips from there, and maybe something to think about.

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