16 March 2008

Street Fighter IV - El Fuerte (New Character)

Wow, cool, and you don't know how fanatic I'm of the Lucha Libre!

The design of this new character for Street Fighter IV sure kick some asses.


Famitsu Magazine (again) have between it's pages the news about this character who comes to be a Wrestler named "El Fuerte" (as you know, in Spanish we can't take out the "El" from names, -not true XD -).


I want some of those Magazines. Where can I get one? Ah it's true, Japan. Well, but the official website have updated the profiles too, and now "El Fuerte" is featured too.


I guess he is Mexican, but as I can't read Japanese I don't even know is the page gives that information.


At first I thought he was "El Místico", then I thought he resembles "El Santo" and he does, but I'm more surprised that was not named "El Celestial" or "El Sagrado" or something like that.

That belt in his waist is kind of Spanish, reminds me of Vega, so maybe he's Spanish and not Mexican, but I don't know... Spanish people do Lucha Libre?

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