02 March 2008

Mano Erina - will be soloist in Hello! Project

Cool! Mano Erina has been promoted to soloist in Hello! Project and will graduate from H!P Eggs and Ongaku Gatas. At this moment maybe the concert have ended where she graduated from Ongaku.


Since Ongaku Gatas was created, Mano Erina has been the most popular of H!P Eggs (not Ongaku because there are Momusus in there) and now it seem her popularity is enough to make Tsunku think of a solo career for this girl.

I was thinking before that maybe she and Noto Arisa could be a duo, not only because Arisa is H!P Eggs' leader but because they sing a theme together in the first Ongaku Gatas' album., and it's nice... and because Arisa is my favorite (T^T).

But now thinking in the groups she left, well of eggs there's no problem they are not a group really, but for Ongaku, she was something, because with so many eggs in there she was one of the few well known. But for her, leaving Ongaku means her career is for real, and maybe Tsunku have seen something good in her. I hope it's not another anime project, and if it is at least it could be a good anime, or a decently known anime (not Robby-Keroby, get Risa out of there please, Tsunku!).

I think she is the first H!P Kids soloist, if such a thing is viable, I don't know, but if she is, I hope she'll be the Buono! of the H!P Soloist, because we haven't seen anything good from one of them since long time ago (well, aside of Koharu that international fans seem to hate her).

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