04 March 2008

MilkyWay - Kusumi Kikkawa and Kitahara

The new unit of Hello! Project, Milky Way has been created (as expected) for the Anime Kirarin Revolution, and will be composed by Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume), Kitahara Sayaka (Hello! Pro Eggs) and surprisingly Kikkawa Yuu (Hello! Pro Eggs).

Kikkawa_Yuu_001  Kitahara_Sayaka
Kikkawa Yuu (left) and Kitahara Sayaka (right)


If Kikkawa Yuu sounds familiar it's because she was one of the finalist in the auditions of the 8th generation of Morning Musume, and she was one of people's favorites. My personal favorite.


The first question I could make is... Why did Tsunku choose them... could it be because their names starts with a K, the same as the name of the Anime?... no, it's just my imagination. It must be something like talent or character compatibility.

MilkyWay's first single will be Anataboshi, and will be released on April 30.

And these are the characters they will be lending their voices.


The girl in the middle is Kirari, the character Koharu have been playing. The one in the left is Hanasaki Kobeni, and will be the character for Yuu. Finally the girl with short hair in the right is named Yukino Noel and will be played by Sayaka. Anataboshi will be the opening theme for the next season.


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