18 March 2008

Morning Musume in G-Television Magazine

Some scans of G-Television Magazine that were uploaded to Baidu. In there are some really cool pictures of Morning Musume.

Morning Musume_07

Some great pajamas pictures.

Morning Musume_12

How cute they sleeping, and Koharu is so realistic in that position. But... what about Jyun Jyun's position? that must be some panda thing.

Morning Musume_01Morning Musume_05

Morning Musume_06Morning Musume_15

Morning Musume_08Morning Musume_09

Morning Musume_10

More pictures.

Morning Musume_17

This picture reminds me of Resonant Blue PV ¬¬

Morning Musume_11Morning Musume_14

Morning Musume_18Morning Musume_19

Morning Musume_20Morning Musume_21

Morning Musume_22Morning Musume_23

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