26 March 2008

Morning Musume - Resonant Blue (Covers)

These are the covers of the new Morning Musume single, Resonan Blue. They are cool and have good size.


Limited Edition A


Limited Edition B 


Regular Edition.

They look great in these pictures, and the background is not dark as the PV, it's a horrible back ground but at least it's not dark, and again they look amazing.

This single will be released on April 16, and a single V DVD on April 23.


  1. リゾナント ブルー (Resonant Blue)
  2. その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん! (Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!)
  3. リゾナント ブルー (Resonant Blue (Instrumental))

Resonant Blue - Morning Musume PV

This song and this video make me wait for the next and pray to Jebus for it to be a good one. I really hate this video and the song... well the B-side is much better.

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