26 March 2008

Takahashi Ai - 19 PB (Photobook)

Starting today I'll be posting some Hello! Project Photobooks to download, those are some that I had uploaded before for some forums but they have been erased, and now that I think I can maintain my account for some time and the files won't be erased I'll upload again.

They are many and I'll upload them in no special order, so if you have any Photobook to ask for and comes to be that I have it I'll upload it first.


This first time I post Takahashi Ai's fifth Photobook, titled 19.


Takahashi is the girl in Hello! Project with the largest number of solo PBs, alongside with Rika Ishikawa. But soon she will be releasing a new one.

To download this file click on the egg with the arrow.

19 was shot in Okinawa and Yokohama Japan, and was released on January 26 2006.

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