30 March 2008

My Entrecard Status

I wanted to write about Entrecard since some time ago, but I had no time. The last time I write about my Entrecard status I was in the top 30 of popular entrecarders, then I was out, and now I'm in again.

I don't know what was exactly the reason why I'm back in the top30 but I think it's because a good advertising.


I was in the middle, but now I'm descending, maybe for tomorrow I'm not there anymore, and I was not in home yesterday so I couldn't drop or buy advertising (OH! MY! I DON'T HAVE ANY ANDERTISING FOR TODAY!!!), now I have too much work to do. My dropping today and tomorrow is going to be dedicated to reciprocate every card I couldn't yesterday :( but I'll do.

Well, now, graphics:

Card drops


It goes up sometimes and then foes down, but now is going down. This last is at 1pm, so maybe it'll get better.

Advert Click


If I don't buy advertising soon, I'll die.

Here's a tip, if you can buy 2 advertising in the big ones, try them to be the same day, maybe it could seem something stupid, but it really work, you manage to get a lot of clicks one day and then you work for the other and go up almost easily. Well, I think it was the key.

Organic Clicks


These use to be more stable, but I think they should be even more now that I'm in the top30, but it's not much like that.

Your Drops


Very irregular? Yes some days I Entrecard just don't let me drop cards, I hate that, but I'm subscribed to my inbox and this lets me reciprocate every drop. Today I have not dropped, I'll start when I end this post.

I'm closer to reach my goal, that's being in the top5.

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