09 March 2008

Nightwish New Single "The Islander"


Nightwish will release it's new single, and it's one of the bests songs in their new album "Dark Passion Play", probably the best, and one of the best of the band's history, "The Islander".


  1. The Islander
  2. Escapist (instrumental version)
  3. Meadows Of Heaven (orchestral version)

This single will be released on May 21 and in addition of this three songs it will contain two videos, Bye Bye Beautiful and The Islander. The Islander's video clip was filmed in Rovaniemi and directed by Stobe Harju. It's video premier will be on April 14 at a Finnish Mtv Show "Spanking New"

For now I post this video with only the song of The Islander (no video yet, of course), it's really a great song.

Nightwish - The Islander

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