09 March 2008

Otaku no Musume-san

Yesterday I read this the review of this Manga at What'sYourDesire and I thought it was interesting. Since a long time ago I'm a fan of light and simple story Mangas, those which talk about real life or simple things, and this seems to be one of them.


Otaku no Musume means "An Otaku's Daughter" and obviously is about a girls who's father is an Otaku and their life together. Happens to be that this girls, Kana Yukimura, have not seen her father, Kouta Morisaki, in her entire 11 years life, and finally came into his life, and start living with him and some neighbors that are as Otaku as Kuota is.


The life of Kuota and Kana becomes interesting because a daughter is not a thing an Otaku is used to lead with.


The Japanese Manga is still publishing and 3volumes long for now, but the English scanlations by Akatsuki are in the sixth chapter of the first volume.

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