10 December 2007

The Golden Compass


I can't wait anymore to watch this movie. At first I was like "mmm, looks good but..." then I was like "hey, it really looks great" and now I'm more like "OMFG, I can't wait anymore to watch it".

I'm a great fan of everything related to fantasy and adventure, "I loved Lord of the Rings" and "Chronicles of Narnia" and this movie seems to be something like this last one.

Before I continue here's the trailer.

The Golden Compass teaser trailer

In addition to the great production and that feeling of fantasy that the images can bring, there's a gorgeous woman in the middle of this, the beautiful Nicole Kidman. But the best part of the trailer is that polar bear, it's really cool and big and armored and... fluffy. I want a mount like this bear for my next D&D character, I demand it.

There're people that have already started to complain about the fantasy movies rush that have been lately, but please! It's fantasy, great quality productions against some other movie about a guy that have to care for many, many children.


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