10 December 2007

I'm the top 30 most popular at Entrecard

This may not mean a thing, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't but today I realized that I'm in the last place in the list of top 30 most popular campaigns in Entrecard.

This only could mean that I'm the top 30 most active member, maybe, but this is something, and maybe someone would want my ad spot because of this (maybe not).

Here's the screenshot I made, by the way, this picture at right is my card (I think it's obvious but, you know):


This table changes every moment so I can easily get of of this list (I'm on the edge), but this are my 5 minutes of fame.

Edit: Besides, it seems that my traffic will double by the end of the day, so it's more likely that someone want my ad spot now, soon I'll have a decent traffic.

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