04 December 2007

I joined Entre Card

logo_and_header There are really many ways to get more traffic to a blog, and many blogs that talk about it, this is not one of this, but this EntreCard thing is something amusing.

I joined EntreCard first with my most visited blog, but after some hours of having fun leaving card to everyone my account was abruptly canceled without a warning, at first I was very disappointed but then I realized that it was my mistake, my big mistake, one of the few things the page warns you before yo sign up is that your page have to be in English, one more reason for me to write in English.

Well, how it works? At first it seems something hard to use this EntreCard but after some minutes of using the system it becomes addictive. Here's a little video explanation that say almost nothing but it might help.


The video in the home page is far more comprehensible.

This is one of those things that I just suggest you go and join to learn how to use it.

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