30 December 2007

Street Fighter IV Gameplay footage


Finally more video from the game Street Fighter IV, and this time it's not just the intro but a Gameplay footage.  I really like this animation it's like trying to emulate the brush of a painting or something. I like the environment, and the special effects. The only one thing I don't love that much are the characters faces.

Here's the video of Ryu and Ken fighting each other.

Street Fighter IV 'Hadouken' HD (Gameplay)

Ryu's face when is hit by Ken's uppercut is excellent, full of pain.

The video still have some cuts so I would like to see a complete battle but so far it's good.

I guess Street Fighter IV will be multiplatform.


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1 comentarios:

lankapo said...

my feveret game when I was a kid :)
glad it has turn to 3d and more lively effects